Alright…catching up about day 1 and random stories

Sorry about the huge delay.  I think I was pretty lazy the last little bit.

In the last 6 weeks, we sold our old house, moved into our new offices, moved into our new house and took a 2 week+ 5th year anniversary trip.

Needless to say, that was a crazy period, but not as crazy as the list the beautiful and talented one has for me to do at the new place!

I reread the last post and I am sorry about how analytical and boring it was (self-reflection!).

So, let’s get through the rest of that day quickly and hit some highlights of those early days!

Here is the rest of that day in snapshots of craziness:

  • Around midnight, a couple of nurses came rushing in and told me that they needed to take me for a CT exam. I asked why and they said the doctors thought I might have bleeding on my brain.
  • They put me in a wheelchair and they pushed me at a jog to the CT place. Of course, I was a little worried.
  • To this day, I don’t know what the outcome was, or even why they thought I had bleeding on the brain. Truthfully, I think they took the wrong patient!
  • After that, they raced back to “pick up my blood samples”, where they left me in a hallway in the wheelchair for about 15 minutes. They then came back I was allowed to go back to bed.  It was very surreal.

I woke up the next day with my personal doctor, Dr. Ainhorn,  sitting in a chair watching me.  He told me he wanted to have everything checked.

Throughout the day, he sent a surgeon (in case it was an internal problem), an infectious disease doctor, and a few other random people who all seemed to just need to push on me and check my pulse.

A few hours later, I was lying in my bed (still constipated) when a doctor came into the room and told me he needed to have me prepped for a hip aspiration.  I said, “why do you have to do that.”  His answer?  “Because we need to find out what kind of leukemia you have.”

My heart dropped and I asked, “I have leukemia?”  He then got very nervous and said, “Umm, can you have family or a friend come by at 1:00 to discuss your diagnosis.”

Seriously, that was how I found out.  Terrific bedside manner.  I called a good friend, Darryl, to ask him to come to the office.  I told him they thought I had leukemia.  He came over right away with a gift of a journal from himself and his wife, Cheryl.

I also talked to Valerie and she pulled over on the side of the road on her way to Fort Lauderdale and sat on the side of the road and cried with me.  My oldest daughter was in the car and was asking Valerie’s assistant, “what is wrong with my Dad?”  The thought of it still makes me teary eyed.

Before either he, or my Mom, could make it, they came to do the test.  There were seriously 4-5 nurses there holding me down to keep me from moving if it was painful.  I cried the entire time, I thought my life was over.

Of course, God had other plans and other people he wanted to put in front of me first!

By the way…God wanted to all to know that He loves you!  #FTK  (For The King)

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