About the DiBartolomeos

We are the every day, run of the mill, blended family.

OK, I am laughing about that, because there is nothing run of the mill with being a blended family.

Our little household consists of Dad and Mom, 2 girls (17, 13), 2 boys (11,9), a German Shepard, a Shepard Mix Mutt and a 6 month old Bare-Eyed Cockatoo.  As anyone who has blended a family can tell you, it is a lot to deal with.  They say blended families are like crock pots.  You throw all the ingredients into it and slowly, over time, everything softens and comes together (side note:  I hate crock pot food).  Everything softens in its own time…sometimes there is a carrot that just takes forever!

That should be enough for any one, right?  On top of that, we run our own family business, recently started another one and try to keep the house clean. (Oh, yeah, and we just moved our office, still doing the build-out for it, trying to sell our house and waiting for the closing on our new one!  God made Xanax for a reason, people!)

We are children of God.  First and foremost, we always praise Him.  He has brought us into the worst situations we could imagine and then, through His unyielding love, brought us back to joy!  Through our fellowship with others at Kensington Church-Orion, we have been able to deepen our faith and grown so much as a family.

As a family, we like to take trips together.  We enjoy learning about new things and seeing different places.

And occasionally, we like to tell our story.  This is it.  Hang on, you are going to see a bunch of different writing styles hitting this blog, but in the end, we know the most important thing.  We are the DiBartolomeos…

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